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Residential Delivery

Residential Delivery

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    David's Moving Residential Delivery

    Shoppers love David’s Moving in Kansas City! We are experts at saving the day when items need to be delivered to a residential home at the spur of the moment. Shop with freedom and call us when you need a local move of any item, big or small.

    Online Resale Marketplace

    Do you love to shop online resale markets? Is Facebook Marketplace full of treasures that you love but cannot move from one location to another? Don’t let a lack of transportation stop you from acquiring the furniture of your dreams. Give David's Moving a call, and we will be on our way to pick up the perfect piece of furniture, bulky item, or funky yard art that won’t fit into your vehicle and deliver it to your residence.

    Store-to-Home Delivery

    Let’s say you’ve just picked out the perfect new refrigerator or the latest model of washing machine at your local box store. The problem is: their delivery schedule is full for the next two weeks! Your food at home is spoiling in the current appliance, and the laundry is turning into a mountain. This is where David's Moving can save the day. With just one call, you have your shiny new item delivered to your door, whether that’s a new couch, the perfect bunk bed for your kids, or any large item you’ve found on the town.

    Garage and Estate Sales

    Do you love a good find? Do you shop estate sales, flea markets, antique shops, and more? Don’t let a lack of vehicle space, muscle, or truck stop you from outfitting your home with that large item delivery. We have no problem with last-minute requests to get your treasures to the right across-town location.

    Home Delivery Made Safe and Easy

    It really doesn’t matter which store or marketplace you buy from. David's Moving is here to serve you. If you are uncomfortable picking up items from people you don’t know, let us take care of it. Are you the only one in your neighborhood that doesn’t own a truck? Let us use our equipment to help you. Don’t have the muscle and moving experience to maneuver bulky items? David's Moving is here to serve you. We offer affordable delivery rates and quick turnaround times to move items across town.