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    David’s Moving Business Delivery

    Does your office need a piece of new equipment? How about a new desk or filing cabinet delivered or moved to a new location? David’s Moving business delivery service specializes in cross-town moving of apartments, businesses, specific items, and more. Look to us when you need help with any of the following:

    Office Furniture

    Desks, chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets, and other office furniture are often bulky and may need to be relocated when your business moves to a new location or reorganizes its workspace.

    Retail Store Fixtures

    Does your retail businesses need a display case, shelving unit, and other fixtures that need to be moved when reconfiguring store layouts or opening new locations?

    Medical Equipment

    bulky medical equipment such as MRI machines, X-ray machines, and surgical tables when upgrading or relocating.

    Special Events

    Is it time for your church or company picnic? If you need help with the delivery of items related to events, give us a call. We can load and unload tables and chairs, tents, bounce houses, inflatables, stage equipment, sound systems, lighting rigs, large props, and other special party equipment to the event space at the scheduled time you require.

    David’s Moving is here for any cross-town or local move in the Kansas City region. No job is too small for us. Give us a call at 816-542-6195 to schedule your business move in KC.