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Tips For Apartment Moves and How To Make The Process Easier

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Apartment Moving Tips

Tips For Apartment Moves and How To Make The Process Easier

Apartment Moving season is here! Have you found a new apartment to move into? Planning, organizing, and packing your belongings are the most crucial steps in any effective move. For the majority of people, the task of planning and packing can add chaos and worry to an already stressful situation. Your ability to move more quickly and effectively will enable you to move for less money in the long run. And organizing yourself essentially involves these steps:

Planning Your Move: Answering the Four Ws – Who, What, When, and Where

Consider the shift in terms of the four Ws: Who, What, When, and Where as you begin planning. To make your move simpler, you must respond to the questions associated with each W.

Who will move your belongings?

There are several choices available to you. Are you going to do it yourself? Or will it be people with experience? Or maybe you’ll go with a hybrid strategy, leaving the heavy lifting to apartment movers Kansas City while you take the smaller things.

Moving Tip: Move as many of the small items yourself and hire expert movers only for the heavy items. Be cautious when inviting acquaintances over. Since they lack movement training, they are much more apt to break something than professionals. They’ll probably ask you to do them a favor later on as well.

What are you going to move?

Do you intend to get rid of everything you own, or will you take advantage of the opportunity? Will some things be stored? Think about the space you currently have versus the space you are moving to. If you are downsizing in space, you’ll want to take a hard look at your possessions. If you have boxes of items that you have not used in a year or more, it’s time to sell or donate those instead of trying to stuff them into a new place. A storage unit is always an option if you have memorabilia or treasured items but won’t have space to store them in a new apartment.

Moving Tip: After you sort your possessions and sell, donate, or discard your items, you’ll be left with exactly what you want to take with you to the new apartment. Purchase different colored duct tape and use one color to mark the boxes of each room. Ex.: Mark the corners of all boxes that have kitchen and pantry items with red duct tape; mark all boxes that contain living room items with yellow duct tape, etc.

When will you move?

Reach out to professional movers in KC MO to schedule their services as soon as you know your moving date. Alternatively, reach out to friends and family to ensure you have as much help as possible. 

Moving Tip: Packing always takes more time and supplies than you realize. Be sure to block off multiple weekends and evenings in your calendar to devote to packing your belongings. Working steadily instead of rushing at the deadline will reduce stress. If it’s on your calendar, you are more likely to be mentally prepared and accomplish the tasks.

Where will you move?

Thoughtfully consider the numerous “wheres” involved in physically moving your belongings. You clearly know where you’re moving (we hope). Where will you be allowed to leave the moving van—outside the apartment building? down the block? How far is your final destination from you?

Consider how many trips you’ll need to make and how much time they’ll require. Find out your apartment’s relocation policies from the managers: Some people have shifting deadlines. Some people might let you use the freight lift. If you are moving to an apartment’s higher floors, consider hiring professional movers KC to carry heavy items for you.

Moving Tip:  Make a “tape map” for yourself or the professional movers so they know where to take each colored box when they unload the truck.

Now that you’re prepared:

Now that you’ve carefully planned the logistics of your move to an apartment in KC, it’s time to get to work packing your belongings. 

One month prior to the relocation – Start packing the items you won’t need until after the transfer by getting large boxes. Buy packing materials and cartons, or speak with David’s Moving KC about packing supplies. Now is the time to make arrangements with local movers Kansas City MO or vehicle rental services you may need.

Three weeks before your move – Box up seasonal items like coats, boots, and holiday décor three weeks prior to the transfer.

Two weeks before your move – Start using small boxes to organize drawers and closets two weeks prior to the transfer. If you own pets, make plans for your pets to be boarded elsewhere while you are moving.

One week prior to the transfer – confirm all of your arrangements with moving companies, truck rental services, or your friends and family.

Week leading up to the move – Finish packing all clothing and facilities, then start cleaning. For the day of the move, make sure to prepare an accessible box with clothes, your wallet/purse, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and food for a day or two.

Moving to a new apartment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With careful planning and execution of your plan, you’ll be enjoying that new home in no time!