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How to Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Residential Move

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How to Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Residential Move

How to Plan and Execute a Stress-Free Residential Move

Change is the sole constant in modern society, and when it happens, Americans don’t hesitate to pack up their stuff and look for new homes. Is your family getting bigger? Are you moving to a better house or looking for a lower rent? Have you moved to a new city because of a work change or relocation? Whatever your motivation for moving, it can be challenging to move everything you own from one house to another. Therefore, it’s wise to develop a sound strategy well before your residential move rather than winging it and hoping everything gets done on time. What sort of elements should your relocation strategy contain?

Tips For Reducing Stress in Your Next Residential Move

Preparing for a residential move can be tremendously stressful and daunting, whether you’re relocating across the nation or to the next town over. There seem to be an unending number of items to consider, such as box packing, decluttering, hiring an affordable moving company in Kansas City, and possibly preparing your present property for sale. In order to make your relocation as stress-free as possible, we’ve prepared these tips to help you stay organized, know what has to be done, and keep things on track.

1. Planning for Budget and Timeline:

You can start with a basic strategy and add to it as you learn more information, establish a calendar, and determine a timeline. Consider what has to be done in your current home, such as decluttering, packing, or any minor repairs you need to do in the event that you plan to sell it.

The cost of everything from packing tape, protective wrap, and boxes to moving company fees should be taken into account when creating a budget and estimating your moving expenses. Create a timetable that will help you remain on track by determining what you need to buy for your new house to be move-in ready and noting information like when you will get the keys and be able to start moving in. Your realtor will be an invaluable resource for much of the planning and timeline. 

2. Decide Who is Doing the Packing and Heavy Lifting:

When it comes to transferring all of your belongings, you have a number of options. Take into account the following inquiries as you choose your best course of action. How far is your new house away? How much furniture must be moved? Do you have to transport a lot of large, hefty objects like family heirlooms, or is it largely compact furniture for an apartment move Kansas city?

If you decide to do everything yourself, you will need to set aside money for packing and potentially for the cost of a rental truck. If you’d like not to do that, you may either pack your house yourself and hire a reputable moving company Kansas City to handle the moving part of the job for you, or you can engage David’s Moving Kansas City, who will handle both the packing and the moving for you.

3. Visit and/or Research Your New Community:

Visit the new neighborhood before the relocation if possible. You’ll get a better sense of the area’s diverse communities and amenities if you visit it in person. Have kids in school? Start looking into the local schools as soon as you know you are moving. Consider your medical needs, including dentists, doctors, and specialists. To ensure seamless medical coverage during and after the transfer, get in touch with your health insurance provider. You might need to buy a new plan if you’re relocating to a different city or zip code. However, if you’re relocating for work, your health insurance may stay the same. This is important to note especially if your company has sites all over the United States.

You should move your medicines to a pharmacy close to your new residence. It is also important to make sure you have a sufficient amount of your current medications. You should bring a month’s worth of medication with you when you move.

4. Execute Your Plan and Live Stress-Free with Professional Movers and Packers:

Now it’s time to execute your plan! Stay in communication with your realtor and financial advisor or banker in order to keep the process moving smoothly. Begin to purge: sort, donate, throw away, and pack what’s left. This is an exciting time! We get that change can be disrupting. But making and following through with your plan will make the process go as smoothly as possible.