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Same-Day Residential Delivery: Is It Possible?

Residential Delivery
Same-Day Residential Delivery Kansas City

Same-Day Residential Delivery: Is It Possible?

Arranging a same-day delivery to your residential home is possible with David’s Moving. It’s just a matter of a phone call to our office to set up a pickup and delivery location. We take same-day delivery in stride and are never put off by last-minute requests for moving items for you. David’s Moving same-day residential delivery services encompass a wide array of offerings ranging from small-scale package deliveries to large-scale furniture and appliance transportation. 

Same-Day Delivery: What Can You Ask Us To Move?

Marketplace Finds

Do you enjoy shopping at online thrift stores? When you find an item that’s perfect for your home but are unable to relocate, don’t allow a lack of transportation to prevent you from getting the dream furnishings. Give David’s Moving a call, and we will arrange for delivery to your home of that ideal piece of furniture, large object, or unique yard art that won’t fit into your car.

Store-to-Home Delivery

Imagine that you’ve just chosen from your neighborhood box store the newest model of a washing machine or the ideal new refrigerator. The issue is that they have a full delivery schedule for the upcoming two weeks! Timely delivery is important in this situation, but David’s Moving can come to the rescue. Whether it’s a brand-new couch, the ideal kid’s bunk bed, or any other colossal item you’ve located on the town, all it takes is one call to have your new item delivered right to your door.

Garage and Estate Sales

Do you frequent flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, and other stores? Don’t allow a shortage of truck or space in your car to prevent you from furnishing your house with that big item delivery. Last-minute requests to move your antiques to the ideal place across town are no problem for us.

And More!

David’s Moving can complete same-day deliveries and same-day residential moves. Whether is your whole apartment or storage unit, or just 1 or 2 items, David’s Moving is your go-to quick delivery method in the Kansas City region.


Overnight delivery services were the fastest available for the longest time. However, thanks to David’s Moving’s same-day delivery services, people and organizations can now proceed with their day without interruption. Living in Kansas City no longer requires waiting days for delivery when we can get it completed in a few hours! Additionally, we deliver to Lawrence and the rest of the Kansas City metro area. Wherever and whenever you need quick shipping, David’s Moving and our same-day delivery services will be there for you. We’ll send out dedicated drivers and trucks to do the work in the allotted amount of time. Get a free delivery quote from us over the phone or online without any commitment, and see how quickly your packages arrive!

Our same-day delivery services in Kansas City are all handled by bonded, skilled drivers who reside in the community. Regardless of the destination, our staff consistently delivers on time and accurately. Give us a call at 816-542-6195 to schedule a same day delivery.