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How Long Does a Moving Company Have to Deliver Legally?

How Long Does a Moving Company Have to Deliver Legally

How Long Does a Moving Company Have to Deliver Legally?

Right now, as you sit in your new house, are you wondering where all of your belongings are? Did the delivery window provided by the moving company pass you by? We’ll cover all you need to know about the length of time movers take to deliver and the reasons for it in this post.

Your goods may not arrive for several weeks after a long-distance move, depending on the circumstances. It should merely take a few days if you’re moving to a nearby state. However, it all relies on the movers you’ve chosen and your particular circumstances. Verify your bill of lading one more time for the delivery window. Your mover should outline a timeline for the delivery of your belongings in the contract.

What Happens If Your Delivery Is Not Made on Time By The Movers?

Movers can miss the delivery window while moving great distances. There are several practical reasons why movers may be late when transporting clients across large distances in a tractor trailer, including the fact that they will be loading up and dropping off other people’s cargo along the route. If your professional movers are running late, try these three remedies:

Keep Your Cool:

The first thing you should do if your movers are running late is to take a deep breath and keep your cool. It makes sense that you would be stressed out after being uprooted and living in a new town for a while. However, getting anxious won’t speed up the delivery of your stuff. If your products are running a little behind schedule, be aware that transporting furniture across the nation may involve several unforeseen obstacles. What happens if the truck tire goes flat? or were engulfed in a storm? If the mover happens to miss the window, don’t panic too much; it might have just been a small hiccup in the process.

Examine Your Contract or Bill of Lading:

Your moving company’s Bill of Lading will specify the approximate time of delivery. Depending on the moving company you select, you may often be compensated for any time lost during the delivery window. Thus, once more, review your contract—every mover is unique. It is usual for movers to reimburse the client with a daily allotment of money beginning the day following the delayed shipment. This allowance pays for expenses like car rentals, hotel stays, food, and other things you might have to pay for a delayed delivery.

Contact Your Mover:

The mover should phone you as a courtesy to let you know how the move is going if your delivery is running behind schedule. However, do not be reluctant to pick up the phone and call them if they do not. If you don’t have the phone number on hand, look up your movers’ contact details on Google, the moving company’s website, or your Bill of Lading. Try your best to get detailed responses when you call them about what’s going on and when you can anticipate the moving team to arrive.

Since it’s Taking Longer, Will it Cost More?

No extra cost will be incurred if your belongings are delayed during a long-distance transfer. In fact, if movers miss their delivery window, some will refund your money. If you have hired the services of a reputable, professional moving business, you should include a contract that guarantees delivery within a specified window. Furthermore, the mover would refund you if they fail to meet the specified window. You must include everything in the formal contract.

What Elements Affect How Long It Takes To Receive Your Items?

We are all growing used to having what we want, when we want it, in this day and age. Nowadays, it’s commonplace to receive items delivered right to our front door for free within two days.

Long-distance moving is a very new ball game. When traveling, the only instant delivery you should anticipate is if you’re going a small distance from one city to the next nearby town. The distance, weather, and government regulations determine the time it takes for your items to arrive when moving a long distance.

Here are some estimates of the time it might take for movers to transport your belongings, albeit it all relies on the moving company you select and the delivery window they give you as per your contract.

You should anticipate receiving your possessions one to seven days after your move date if you are moving to a neighboring state. You should anticipate that your delivery may take two to twenty-two days after your move date if you are traveling a great distance.

What Season Is It?

Winter/Fall: This is a popular time of year to relocate if you’re considering a long-distance relocation because moving costs are typically lower because fewer people are moving during this period. However, there’s a chance that the weather along the route can cause a storm or an unplanned road closure that will delay your cargo. Because it gets darker earlier in the winter than it does in the summer, movers have shorter workdays. It might be safer to relocate during the summer if you have an urgent move and money is not an issue.

Spring/Summer: Allow at least one week and up to two weeks for your possessions to arrive if you are moving a significant distance during this time of year. Even while moving during this time of year can be expensive, your stuff might arrive sooner. The summer is the busiest moving season because fewer families choose to move during this time while schools are not in session.

The Traffic Regulations Impacting Delivery Time

New safety regulations prohibit long-distance movers from driving for an excessive amount of straight hours. This will therefore have an impact on how long it takes a mover to deliver your possessions.


When asking how long a moving company takes to move your items, one must take into account a large number of reasons. Be sure to contact your professional moving company for more information.